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From:Kirsten Scrimgeour Nash
Date:Wed Sep 4 19:23:45 2013
Message:  North Yorkshire
 I was wondering if any one could help. I am after some
 Scrimgeour tartan ribbon but can't seem to find it anywhere.
 I would love to add it to my future son's pram blanket as
 not only will it go lovely with my new pram but I want to
 have a bit of my family name always with my new son. Many
 thanks x
From:Kay Walker
Date:Wed May 1 02:43:08 2013
Message:  I live in South Australia, born New Zealand. I'm connected to
 Scrimgeours via Grays in New Zealand. My blood is more
 McGregor from Glenquaich, Perthshire. I have been trying to
 sort out which Scrimgeours in New Zealand came from where and
 have whittled it down to 3 sources. Happy hunting to you too!
Date:Tue Apr 23 08:49:50 2013
Message:  Interesting article. Overall, I had no idea about all this.
 It is a pity that there are no comments. We are happy we can
 talk about it. But I would recommend to a friend
From:Paul Baxter
Date:Fri Apr 12 16:42:19 2013
URL:pbcb2 at btinternet.com
Message:  Aldwick
 Bognor Regis
 West Sussex
 Does anyone have any information about Maud Scrimgeour,
 author of a book called The Don and the Dancer. It was
 published in 1907 by Thomas Nelson and sons, a copy of which
 I have just managed to purchase. It is the story of a
 Dartmoor pony. I am researching the branch of the Scrimgeour
 stockbroker family who were active in the area of Stedham,
 West Sussex. I am not sure whether author Maud Scrimgeour is
 the same person as Maud Scrimgeour, daughter of Alexander
 Scrimgeour and sister of John, Ethel and Elizabeth. I am not
 a relative but have an interest in local history and
 particularly in the philanthropic work of the Scrimgeours.
From:Valerie russell
Date:Mon Mar 11 21:16:14 2013
Message:  Hampshire
 Just adding to my last email My Grandfather {John's} father
 was William and he was married to Betsy.
 His sister , Isabella married Hugh Colquhoun and she lived
 in Sonoma California. He spent a lot of time at sea.
From:Valerie Russell
Date:Mon Mar 11 19:59:09 2013
Message:  Hampshire
 Could anyone help me find out more about my family?
 My mother was Irene Scrymgeour and her father John
 Scrymgeour. His siblings were ,Mary, Kate, William, Colin,
 Matthew and Bessie. Before that it was, Donald, John,
 Isaballa, Matthew,William, James, Alexander, Robert, and
 I know a lot of them went to Canada.
From:Judy Shafer
Date:Thu Jan 31 19:42:43 2013
Message:  Rochester, NY - My grandfather was William Albert
 Scrymgeour; his brother was Colin, sisters Doris and
 Mary. I understand through my late grandmother, Ruth
 DeForest Scrymgeour, that my great-grandfather came from
 Scotland with his brother. The brother stayed in Canada
 and my great-grandfather settled in Rochester. My
 grandmother always said our ancestors were standard
 bearers. I'm just starting to dig into this. This
 website is great. Thanks.
From:Ian Scrimgeour
Date:Fri Sep 21 09:46:15 2012
Message:  Cape Town - South Africa
 The website is a great means to stay in contact with your
 roots and learn about other people having issues with the
 spelling of your last name. For most of my school career I
 was called scrumhalf, because it was too difficult for the
 Afrikaans population.
 Just a general inquiry; do all Scrimgeour's really enjoy
 festivities, because I can't seem to get enough? Must be
 something in the blood... Really looking forward to
 attending a clan gathering!!!
From:Valerie Russell
Date:Fri Sep 14 19:41:33 2012
Message:  Hampshire
 I have just started to research my Mothers family.
 My Grandfather was John Scrymgour married to Adelaide Rose
 Floyd in 1921. I have managed to trace my Scrymgours back
 to about 1700 but not the Floyds.
 My Mother was Irene.
 If any one knows anything about my family please e-mail me,
 Thank You, Valere
From:Nicholas Mooney
Date:Thu Aug 9 17:47:30 2012
Message:  Manchester
 My great grandmother was a scrimgeour and I was told by my
 mother that the family had once carried the royal standard
 of scotland. I did not discover the source of this until my
 wife started looking at my mothers side of the family and
 the history that came with it. Amazing :)
From:Gene A. Scrimshire
Date:Mon Jul 16 13:03:39 2012
Message:  Branson,Missouri The first person to change the name
 from Carron to Skrymgeour kinda set the pace for the rest
 of us. Since then the name has been spelled a number of
 different ways over the centurys. I like the fact that in
 the last 15 years the clan has accepted the Scrim. The
 first time i checked the clan home page you were spelling
 the name Skrym and now your spelling it Scrim thanks for
 the acknowledgement: The willingness of decendants to
 change the spelling of their last name has been going on
 since the first Carron did it in the 12th or 13th century.
 Like father like son....It runs in the family.
From:Paul Scrymgeour Howieson
Date:Fri Jan 27 11:47:52 2012
Message:  Elizabeth Park South Australia Australia.Hello one and all
 Scrymgeour's from Aussie Land.I am currently researching my
 grandmother's line and need some help with her tree.Her name
 was Isabella Anderson Scrymgeour b1884 in Edinburgh
 Scotland. She had a sister Margaret (Maggie)Morgan
 Scrymgeour b1886 and 2 brothers Paul McConnachie Scrymgeour
 b 1881 and George Peterson Morgan (half brother born to her
 mother) Mary Ann Morgan before she married John Scrymgeour
 in 1878.George born in Banff all rest born in
 Edinburgh.Isabella migrated to Australia to be with her
 youngest son (James Howieson)my father and she died in
 Victoria in 1977.I know John was a Blacksmith as was his
 father Peter Scrymgeour. john and his 8 siblings were born
 in Blackford Perthshire area and mother was Ann McNab from
 Comrie Perthshire. This is where things get a little
 scketchy. Can find no death for Ann McNab nor a birth
 record for Peter Scymgeour but on his death cert is says
 parents are Donald Scrymgeour and Agnes Brodie/Brody.The
 only record I can find is of children being bapt in logierait
 (where he came from according to census records) is to a
 Donald Scrimgeor and Ann Brodie/Brody with no Peter b1796
 or George b1812 (found on ancestry.com.with same
 parents:Donald Scrymgeour and Agnes Brodie).WHAT AM I DOING
 WRONG!!!.Can someone give me any idea what to do next.I
 have loved reading all the messages think this is great job
 your doing and thanks for allowing me the time and space.
 Cheers Paul Scrymgeour Howieson.
 ps One My Gransons has SCRYMGEOUR for his 2nd name and WE
From:Dawn Scotting
Date:Fri Dec 2 02:06:13 2011
Message:  Waitakere, New Zealand
 I've recently been doing a bit of research on the
 Scrymgeour line in my family tree and have posted what
 I've found to my blog if anyone is interested:-
 I've read through all of the Skirmisher mags and this
 guestbook but didn't find much on the line I'm interested
 in apart from some contention about the birth/baptism of
 his brother Peter. The earliest I can go back to is Peter
 Scrimger of 'Hellhole/Halhole' in Perthshire, he had a son
 named James baptised at Caputh in 1765. Two generations
 later Peter's grandson, John Bisset Scrymgeour, migrated
 to New Zealand in 1860 with his wife, six sons & one
 daughter. Would love to hear from anyone connected to this
 line or if you can help me go back even further.
From:T Phord
Date:Tue Nov 29 03:43:33 2011
Message:  Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
 No relation to me but I wanted to reunite her with her
 Clan! (I don't think they had Children)
 JEMIMA ALLAN SCRIMGEOUR b. 1884 Cottown Perthshire
 m. ANDREW FERRIER RANKINE 1912 British Columbia Canada
 d. December 16 1945 Vernon BC Canada
 BC Vital Event Death Registration Number: 1945-09-672991
From:Mitchell Scrimgeour
Date:Thu Nov 24 14:40:30 2011
URL:ukmitch "at" hotmail.com
Message:  I live in England thankfully making trips to Scotland a lot
 Ever since I was young I have been interested in History,
 especially my family history and this site adds to my
 curiosity and reading about Scrimgeour history really does
 fill me with pride.
 Also if anyone could help, I am having trouble emailing the
 secretary, I am not a computer whiz and have been trying to
 email secretary "at" scrimgeourclan.org.uk and the message
 just bounces back. Thanks
From:Brenda Cooper
Date:Mon Nov 7 11:18:55 2011
Message:  Sydney, Australia
 Would love some info on my grandfather Robert Scrimgeour.
 He and his brother Dave left Dundee for Australia approx.
 1880 bound for Australia.Apparently other family members
 headed for Canada.He married Lydia, had 3 children May,
 Dorothy & Robert (my father).
 A great site. Cheers
From:David Shumaker
Date:Fri Oct 14 19:39:45 2011
Message:  Mobile, Alabama
 Trying to nail down Scots heritage and lineage, wondering if
 "Scrimgeour" is where "Shumaker" came from; the name was
 brought from Scotland in early 1700's to America.
 Fascinating stuff on this website!
From:Lorena Loubsky
Date:Tue Oct 4 18:36:00 2011
Message:  Massachusetts, USA
 Hallo, I am researching Eliza Thomas Jacka who is connected
 to your tree along the way. If anyone has found her father's
 name, would love to exchange info. I know her story, mostly,
 from when she was born - but the Jacka-Dobb descendants I've
 connected with didn't know her dad's name/story. Her mom
 later married William James Dobb and Eliza married her
 step-brother John - her grandmother emigrated with many
 siblings to the UP of Michigan. All the best! Lorena
Date:Mon Sep 12 15:53:14 2011
Message:  Johannesburg. South Africa
 I am the grandson of Ewing Scrimgeour. I have been
 intrigued to discover and read up the origins of the
 Scrimgeour clan. It will take some time to unravel but my
 maternal grandfather arrived in South Africa from Scotland
 early in the 20th century.
From:Jay Raley
Date:Mon Jul 18 23:21:35 2011
Message:  Texas, USA - Just wanted to say that while researching
 all the various trees in my family, I came across the
 Scrimgeour lines through which it starts with Magdalene
 (1588-1621) who is the daughter of John Scrimgeour (1570-
 1643) who in turn whose father is James (1540-1612). I
 find it interesting who I am connected with and glad to
 have found this website.
From:Val Tressler
Date:Thu Jun 2 11:08:43 2011
Message:  Invercargill, New Zealand
 Samuel Scrimgeour, New Plymouth - contact me, my
 grandmother was a Scrimgeour and came to New Zealand in
From:Samuel Scrimgeour
Date:Thu May 26 11:46:18 2011
Message:  New Plymouth, New Zealand....Love this site and would like to
 know if anyone has any history of the Scrimgeours that have
 migrated to New Zealand.
From:Craig Dwyer
Date:Sun Mar 6 02:57:58 2011
Message:  Stratford Ontario Canada
 My wife and I are restoring Alexander Scrimgeour house in Stratford . He and
 his brother Dave came to Stratford in about 1845-1850 from Scotland. We
 have obtained a bit of history. He was married to a Grace Vanstone. I have
 the name of all 12 children. Am now searching for the whereabouts of these
 same children. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Craig
From:glen robert scrimgeour
Date:Wed Feb 9 03:42:18 2011
Message:  south africa
From:Cale Scrimgeour
Date:Sat Feb 5 20:40:19 2011
Message:  I live in Perth Western Australia ,
 would very much like to get in touch with any descendants of
 Colin Scrimgeour and Caroline Hardie. my great grand
 this is a very awesome site! thanks!
From:glen robert scrimgeour
Date:Sat Jan 22 02:43:21 2011
Message:  4 petrea street,
 ester park,
 kempton park,1619,
 south africa
 very interested in alexander carron's ancestors. is there a
 link to ireland?
From:Ashley Scrymgeour
Date:Sun Jan 9 13:38:00 2011
URL:zeldamaster22.as at gmail.com
Message:  I live in Vancouver, Washington
 I would love to know anything and everything about our
 history...my grandpa died before i could learn
From:david lee scrimger
Date:Thu Jan 6 01:23:57 2011
Message:  iowa
 just coasting by...I have recently produced our family
 history book "the Scrimger Family of Charles City,Iowa".
From:Greg Barron
Date:Fri Nov 26 01:15:51 2010
Message:  Cumming, Georgia, USA.
 My 2nd g grandfather, James Ogilvy Barron had a daughter,
 Margaret Ogilvy Barron who married am Alexander Gloack in
 Dundee, Scotland. The line goes way back. Alexander Gloacks
 mother was Jean Scrimgeour b. abt 1799. Her father was James
From:Joseph C Peak
Date:Mon Oct 11 11:10:31 2010
Message:  OHIO USA when i pull up my stuff bout my familiy thins
 name comes up Scrymgeour..
Date:Sat Aug 14 17:24:16 2010
Message:  perthshire
 I am searching for a duncan scrimgeour who we believe
 emigrated to canada. his father was william scrimgeour and
 his mother was janet reid they had 5 children. James
 married to ann mckenzie, twins elspeth and grizel and
 william and duncan. any information would be very helpful.
 this william was my 4th great grandfather.
From:Cameron George Scrimgeour
Date:Wed Jul 28 02:36:04 2010
Message:  Residing: Trenton, Ontario, Canada,
 Raised: Cambridge (Preston), Ontario,
 Born: Brantford, Ontario,
 Father: Barry Galbraith Scrimgeour,
 Grandfather: Frederick George Scrimgeour (brother to
 Elizabeth,aka"Bess")- Deceased.
 Miss you Grandpa.
From:Donald Alexander Scrimger
Date:Wed Jul 21 19:50:22 2010
URL:dondre5000 at gmail.com
Message:  Charles City, Iowa. United States. Long line of Scrimger
 history here.
 Glad to see the website has been updated!
From:R McGiveron
Date:Sun Jul 18 07:31:28 2010
URL:mcgiveronr at hotmail.com
Message:  Queensland Australia Just found out we are part of
 the Clan Scrymgeour as well.
From:marina moolman
Date:Mon Jul 5 10:01:07 2010
Message:  Port Elizabeth, RSA
 I Believe that I am related to Ann Dawes - my paternal
 great grandfather has exactly the same details.
From:Kelly E. Nelson
Date:Sat Jun 19 02:26:11 2010
Message:  Los Angeles - 6/18/2010
 Hello All!
 Like most of us I am looking for "connections". For your
 My mother's mother's (of Washington DC) middle name was
 Scrymgeour (like many of her relatives) The name Scrymgeour
 meant so much to her - it was the last request she made to
 me before she died - to make sure at least one of my
 children had the middle name of Scrymgeour. I believe we
 are main liners as her grandmother, Clara Burt, was born in
 Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight circa 1820 - her
 mother's surname was Scrymgeour and they were members of the
 Society in England. Said to be descendants of a "Sir
 Alexander Scrymgeour", they taught music to the Royal Family
 during Queen Victoria's reign. Clara had a sister, Sara
 Burt, and a brother, William Abercrombie Burt. (all were
 also related to the noted general, "Sir Ralph Abercrombie".)
 A number of relatives with the last name of "Barnes", from
 Long Island, New York are said to be descendants as well.
 Sara Scrymgeour Burt having married Polydore Barnes, a
 publisher in New York. (Now Barnes and Noble?)
 Have fun kids! Enjoy your searches...
 Kelly E. Nelson
 Los Angeles
From:Lisa Schnalzer-Missen
Date:Fri Apr 9 15:20:57 2010
Message:  I live in Cobourg Ontario. Canada. My mother is Dianne
 Scrimgeour Schnalzer.
 My grandparents were Gladys Pawson and Murray Scrimgeour.
 My great-grandparents were Lorne Scrimgeour and Emma Garner
 Lorne 1880-1973 was the youngest of Alexander Scrimgeour and
 Ann Miller's children.He was a well-known carpenter and
 contractor in Blyth,Ontario. Emma was president of the
 horticultural society, raised 7 children with Lorne and was
 a media reporter and correspondent. Both held positions on
 Town Council and the School Board.
 Alexander Scrimgeour-my great-great grandfather 1824-1908
 was the first person to be listed on the census in Scotland
 as his profession being piper. He and Ann came to Canada in
 1856 to farm.
Date:Thu Apr 8 00:09:10 2010
URL:ericpw62 at hotmail.com
Message:  Victoria, Australia
 I've been researching our family for some time now and
 although my heritage is Henderson and Morrison, I read
 with interest some of the earlier posts on this site that
 also have similar name connections.
 My Scrimgeour connection is more "recent" when Mary
 Morrison (sister of my great grandfather John) married a
 Francis C Scrimgeour in Dundee 1919.
 I believe there was a son George Allison Scrimgeour born
 around 1920 in Tibbermore, Perth.
 Francis Scrimgeour was born 1899 in Perthshire
 (Ruthvenfield I think) to George Scrimgeour and Margaret
 Lessels (yet another name worth researching).
 Francis is noted as being a Marine Engineer and was
 divorced from Mary Morrison in 1929 (have sighted the RCE)
 and was not "heard of" again.
 I've managed to trace back this Scrimgeour line to John
 Scrimgeour (born C1790) and Margaret Kidd (born 1788) who
 were married in St Martin/Tibbermore Perthshire.
 They had, from what I can find so far, 4 children - Ann
 1820, Janet 1822, George 1824 and Robert 1826.
 I'd certainly be keen to hear from anyone that may have
 some additional information particularly regarding Francis
 (born 1899) and George (born 1920)
From:Jamie michael scrymgeour
Date:Tue Mar 16 02:04:40 2010
Message:  Fife
 Hi all just a quick note to say how proud I am to be a scrymgeour. I never
 thought there was so many of us! For years my dad (James scrymgeour)
 has told me many a story bout ol Scotland and the scrymgeour life and
 finding this site will make him happy keep on going
From:James Robert Scrimgeour
Date:Sat Mar 13 06:02:07 2010
Message:  I am the 3rd son of William Alexander Scrimgeour II - I
 live in Waconia MN - I have 2 brothers William Alexander
 Scrimgeour III and Richard Fredrick Scrimgeour as well as
 2 sisters Laurie and Judy Scrimgeour - my grandfather was
 was born in Scottland and he had a brother named James. We
 are the only Scrimgeours in MN -USA that I know of - I
 have 3 sons and a daughter to carry on our name.
 GO SCRIMGEOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!
From:Emma Scrimgour
Date:Wed Mar 3 21:31:20 2010
Message:  New Zealand
 Wow this is unreal! didnt know our family was so big!
From:Keith Scrimger
Date:Tue Feb 23 21:03:21 2010
Message:  Calgary, Alberta, Canada
 Hi Graham:
 Nice work on the new website. Thanks a lot.
From:Robert Scrimgeour
Date:Mon Nov 2 12:57:45 2009
Message:  Pietermaritzburg
 South Africa
 I would love to know more about my heritage.
From:John Lewis Scrimiger Jr
Date:Sun Sep 27 18:56:57 2009
Message:  I live in San Diego, Ca, USA. I am the son of "Jack"
 Scrimiger who is prominent in the photo of the San Diego
 clan gathering of 2000. I understand what a proud history
 the clan has and will be visiting Scotland next year. I
 would appreciate any help I can get in tracing my
 particular branch of our family. I know that Alexander
 Scrimgeour came to America in the early 1800's with his
 family and settled in Ohio. For any one who is inerested,
 my father created a family tree on line. You can follow
 this link to his
 L-Scrimiger/index.html. I thank you for your time and
 consideration. I will be visiting this site often.
From:Ann Dawes
Date:Thu Sep 3 15:03:40 2009
Message:  South Africa
 After a visit to Scotland and querying my Scrimgeour
 heritage, I found that my maternal great granfather was
 one Robert Scrimgeour (he married Charlotte Page) and came
 to South Africa +-1900 with a Scottish regiment, I
 believe. Robert's parents were Donald Scrimgeour (a boat
 riveter somewhere in Scotland)and Agnes Watson. I find
 this fascinating and would love to learn more if anyone
 can get a handle on the flimsy information I have.
 Ann Dawes
From:Kirsty AJ Wiseman
Date:Sun Aug 23 11:00:11 2009
Message:  Falkirk
 My g'gandmother was Susan Scrimgeour, she married Lewis
 Allan Wiseman in 1892. Her father was James and he married
 Susan Orr in Paisley in 1862
From:Val Tressler
Date:Sat Aug 8 11:12:52 2009
Message:  Invercargill, New Zealand
 I am the grand daughter of Bella Scrimgeour, born in 1879
 in Aberdeen. She was the daughter of James Scrimgeour
 (son of David Scrimgeour and Margaret Colquhoun) Neilston
 Renfrew. and Susana Orr (Beith, Ayreshire, Scotland)
 Perhaps someone recognises these names on their trees
From:Desmond Scrimgeour
Date:Tue Jul 21 03:49:22 2009
Message:  Otaki
 New Zealand
 Fantastic stuff, Expecially for decendants so far away from
 the original lands. Gives us a real insite. Thanks
From:Nina Hart
Date:Sun Jul 12 23:14:41 2009
Message:  Langley, British Columbia,Canada
 My great grandmother was Isabella Knight Scrymgeour, born
 in Scotland. Her parents were James Scrymgeour and
 Margaret Wright. Her siblings were David, Margaret, James
 and Samuel. Isabella married Richard Hendry and they left
 Greenock in the early 1870's for Newfoundland, Canada. One
 of their sons who was my grandfather was named James
 Scrimger Hendry. Any connections out there?
 Thanks, Nina
From:Daniel Evans
Date:Sun May 31 12:19:09 2009
Message:  Port Macquarie Australia
 Recently attended Wingham Scotish festival and started to
 explian to my son about our Scotish links. My mother was
 Patricia Scrimgeour anh grew up in Gunnadeh NSW. I
 seldomly see the Srimgeour name in Australia, so finding
 this site has been very educational. I hope to get to the
 UK to visit some family sites.
From:Matthew Scrimgeour
Date:Wed May 27 06:00:49 2009
Message:  Pannawonica Northwest Western Australia
From:Peter King
Date:Wed Apr 1 09:45:30 2009
Message:  Good Morning,
  I am son of the late Jean King married to Norman King
  (Ipswich,Suffolk)nee Scrimgeour.
  Nephew to Gordon & Ellen Scrimgeour(Scackleton Nr York)
  I was recently on a Trip to Inverarary on the 18 Feb
  09,with my wife and friends. We had occasion to drive to
  Oban for a day out,on our return we stopped a a lovely
  Kirk(Church) at Loch Awe.
  A very interesting walkabout in St Conan,s Kirk(Loch Awe)
  found a brass wall plaque inside the front entrance on
  left side. Reading the list of the late Servicemen that
  had died during the First & Second Great Wars, a name
  to my attention:
  This was of a Private Donald Scrimgeour of the 3rd RVVR
  Black Watch.
  This name has been of interest since I cannot find any
  history on the man who laid down his life for his
  country. I have been in touch with the Loch Awe Church
  Council but have no joy to date. I am an ex-serviceman
  and would appreciate any information into this brave mans
  live. Can anyone put any light on him please?
 (I had put the wrong name of the Kirk in my original
 Text,apologise for the error)
  In hope, thank you. Pete King
From:Peter King
Date:Wed Apr 1 09:35:47 2009
Message:  Barton Upon Humber.N.Lincs
 Good Morning,
 I am son of the late Jean King married to Norman King
 (Ipswich,Suffolk)nee Scrimgeour.
 Nephew to Gordon & Ellen Scrimgeour(Scackleton Nr York)
 I was recently on a Trip to Inverarary on the 18 Feb
 09,with my wife and friends. We had occasion to drive to
 Oban for a day out,on our return we stopped a a lovely old
 Kirk(Church) at Loch Awe.
 A very interesting walkabout in St Gelgin Kirk(Loch Awe)
 found a brass wall plaque inside the front entrance on the
 left side. Reading the list of the late Servicemen that
 had died during the First & Second Great Wars, a name came
 to my attention:
 This was of a Private Donald Scrimgeour of the 3rd RVVR
 Black Watch.
 This name has been of interest since I cannot find any
 history on the man who laid down his life for his
 country. I have been in touch with the Loch Awe Church
 Council but have no joy to date. I am an ex-serviceman
 and would appreciate any information into this brave mans
 live. Can anyone put any light on him please?
 In hope, thank you. Pete King
From:Catherine Scrimshire Niemi
Date:Thu Mar 26 01:19:25 2009
Message:  I live in Canada
 I was born in Scotland to James Ambrose Scrimshire and
 Catherine Hope. Have 2 brothers James and Arthur.
 Started my research in 1986 and am still plodding along.
 Trevor Jensen of BC Canada and I were in contact many
 years ago and we exchanged Pictures and Information
 I wish you all well in your research
 Catherine Scrimshire Niemi
From:Jonathan Good
Date:Sat Mar 14 16:34:46 2009
Message:  Nottingham UK
 My great great grandfather was an Alexander Scrimgeour
 listed in the 1901 English census as born around 1844 and
 giving as his place of birth Dundee Fofarshire Scotland. I
 found the site very interesting.
From:isabell mcnab
Date:Sun Mar 8 12:39:55 2009
Message:  SCONE,PERTH,SCOTLAND after all these years just found
 this site.I am the second daughter of James & Phemie
 Scrimgeour Ihave three sisters Margaret Anne, Euphemia,&
 Tirina & two brothers Ano & Derrick. I still live in Scone
 as does Euphemia and the rest live not to far away.Sadly
 its 22yrs this month since we lost Dad and 2yrs for Mum
 but hey ho we still have a couple of young Scrimgeours
 coming up to keep the Scrimgeour name on going.So Hi to
 all ye other scrimgeours out there.
From:Janelle Scrimgeour
Date:Thu Mar 5 20:54:37 2009
Message:  London, United Kingdom - originally South Africa
 My name is Janelle Scrimgeour - eldest grandaughter of
 John and Flo Scrimgeour. Below is my cousin Robery
 Scrimgeour - hi cuz if you read this! John and Flo had 5
 children - Ian, Bruce (my dad), Neil (Robbie's dad), Angus
 and Shannon. All but Angus live in South Africa, and Angus
 lives in Boston, USA. I've always wanted to know more
 about my family history, so I am really enjoying reading
 all of these messages.
From:Robert Charles Scrimgeour
Date:Mon Mar 2 08:24:55 2009
Message:  Richards Bay, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
 Felt like checking up on my family history and found this
 site. How do I register?
Date:Fri Feb 13 08:36:51 2009
URL:kinkthe winkscrimat hotmail.com
Message:  i live in spain i have not met many scrimgeours exept from
 my family it is so good to know that there are others.i am
 asking if the name scrimgeour is french for fencer of
 scotish for skirmesher,would be delighted to know.lots of
 love you sister across the pond.
From:martyn hill
Date:Sun Feb 8 10:23:49 2009
Message:  i live in bournemouth, dorset, england,my mother`s name is
 martha scrymgeour,who has 2 brothers and one sister james
 andrew, maggie, all come form scotland glasgow,andrew had a
 son called lee scrymgeour, james had 2 sons called robert
 and david,my mum martha had me martyn also 2 daughters
 annette and jackie,maggie had about 7 children,very
 intrested to find out more of my family history,
From:Carol Shepherd
Date:Tue Feb 3 12:27:48 2009
Message:  I live in Windsor, Berkshire, England.
 formally from north east England, maiden name was
 Scrimgour, Father was David Scrimgour and his father was
 David Scrimgour. I had one brother Anthony Scrimgour and
 three sisters Beryl, Christine & Susan(died 2005) My
 brother had three sons (three more Scrimgours) so the clan
 goes on. What was most interesting was seeing photo's of
 the clan and seeing the family resemblence to my father
 and brother in the men on the photo. Good site.
 I send my good wishes to all the clan all over the world.
From:Bill Scrimgeour
Date:Tue Feb 3 12:04:52 2009
URL:billscrimgeour at yahoo.com
Message:  Surrey England
 My grandfather was William Arthur born in Liverpool and
 his elder brother was John - Jack - Scrimgeour was born
 1868 in Dun, between Brechin and Montrose, Angus and who
 emigrated to the US around the turn of the century,
 married an American lady and was not heard of again.
 There were reports he had travelled to UK around the time
 of the Lusitania and he was rumoured to be on the ship
 when it went down although I can find no confirmation.
 Can anyone help me with a line? Thanks
From:Alexander Scrymgeour Billyard
Date:Wed Jan 28 03:22:30 2009
Message:  Ridgeville, Ontario, Canada
 Good info in this site. I'm just learning about my Mom's
 family name that I was given
From:James M. Scrimger
Date:Sat Dec 20 20:39:15 2008
Message:  Grand Blanc, Michigan
 My father and grandfather are also James Scrimger's. The
 spelling of our name was changed early in the 1940's from
 Scrimgeour. The family migrated to North Branch, Michigan
 from the Kitchner, Ontario, Canada about the time Michigan
 became a state. Before that, they came into the United
 States through Jametown, New York. I'm trying to trace the
 history to understand more about my "roots". I would
 appreciate any feedback that gets me there.
 Also, there is another Scrimger family in the North Branch
 area that we are unable to find the "missing link". Help
 in that area is appreciated also.
 Greaty enjoyed reviwing the website.
From:James M. Scrimger
Date:Sat Dec 20 20:29:33 2008
Message:  Grand Blanc, Michigan
From:James Pakai
Date:Wed Nov 26 00:24:23 2008
Message:  Hi I live in Wellington New Zealand.
 My fathers name is James Scrimgeour, my grandfathers name is
 James Scrimgeour. I didn't know my father at all untill iI
 turned 22 yrs old. he left my mother when I was 6 months
 old. but ever since I turned 22 I have keeped in contact
 with him allot. I changed my last name to my mothers maiden
 name, which is Pakai. as I didn't know anyone from my
 Scrimgeour side. and then when I did see my father at 22 I
 told him that I changed it to Pakai. he was upset of corse
 but he new why I did. he still truggles with it at times.
 but I said to my wife that I'm not chainging it back to make
 his fellings feel better. I changed it as I had know cantact
 from the Scrimgeour family so I had to do this.
 I want to thank this website as I wanted to have a good look
 at where I'm from, and other reasons as well.
 I look at the web site and I can see where I come from. it
 would be good to see all of it in person though as I love
 looking at the historical scriptures.
 Thank you again, and look forward to seeing more of your web
 site again. keep up the good work.
 James Pakai
From:Jeffery McElhaney
Date:Sat Nov 15 02:55:09 2008
Message:  Pope AFB NC Originally from Brookfield Missouri
 Hello i was just researching my Name and it says that i am
 associated with this Clan.....I am just really want to know
 how i am associated and maybe if there someone i can talk to
 more about this thank you Jeff
From:Louise Scrymgeour
Date:Tue Nov 4 18:28:01 2008
Message:  Edinburgh
 Daughter of David and Granddaugter of James, Used to hate
 my name as a child, and still sometimes get fed up
 spelling it!! But proud all the same!
From:Sean Golden
Date:Thu Oct 23 07:35:28 2008
Message:  Little Rock, Arkansas
 Hello to all, I was on ancestry.com just looking around and
 it shows this to be the clan from which my name Golden
 originated from, if anyone has some further information to
 confirm this for me please email me @ toxinburn@comcast.net
From:Anne-Marie Scrimgeour
Date:Fri Oct 17 15:51:17 2008
Message:  Dundee
 Hello fellow Scrimgeours. I am Anne-Marie Scrimgeour,
 daughter of Larry Scrimgeour, grandaughter of John
 Scrimgeour, Dundee.
 While researching the story of Grissel Jaffray, the last
 Witch to be burned in Dundee (November 1669), with a class
 of second year pupils in Dundee, I came across the name of
 a Minister, Henry Scrymgeour who she apparently fell foul
 of! Sharing his Sirname I am interested to find out a
 little more about him but no success so far, can anyone
From:Jean Scrimgeour
Date:Thu Sep 4 23:54:16 2008
Message:  My name is Jean Scrimgeour (brother Ian and sister Hazel),
 Daughter of John Scrimgeour (two sisters Helen and Jean) who
 is the son of Ian Scrimgeour (brother to Colin Scrimgeour
 and Mary Laurie) from Johannesburg.
 We now live in Cape Town, have no contact or idea about
 where the rest of the family is or how we got to SA. There
 anybody out there that can help?
From:steve barr
Date:Tue Aug 12 22:15:08 2008
Message:  n.e england
 fantastic site, but after some research, the sept of barr
 is attached to srymgeour clan, is it possible someone
 could confirm this
From:Spencer Callahan
Date:Wed Jul 9 18:08:55 2008
Message:  California
 To the greatest clan of all!!
 My Great Grandmother was a Scrymegour, spelt this way.
From:Jack Blair
Date:Tue Jul 1 22:25:54 2008
URL:j.j_blair at tiscali.co.uk
Message:  Perth, Scotland
 I note that the Clan Scrymgeour Gathering 2008 is to be held
 at Balmerino Abbey. This is one of the most appropriate
 venues given that the ancient chartularies of that Abbey are
 the source of some of the earliest records to be found of
 the Scrymgeour forebears.
 In researching for my book “de Dundee – an early burgess
 family with Highland connections” , the chartularies of
 Balmerino and the neighbouring Abbey of Lindores proved very
 rewarding, yielding references to Albert de Dundee
 (1180c-1245c), Gregory de Dundee (1210c-1270c) and Master
 Ralph de Dundee in the period 1230 – 1281.
 Sir Ralph de Dundee(1260c-1307) was son to Sir Gregory le
 Long who most probably was son to Thomas de Dundee. It was
 Master Ralph who by marriage gained the lands of Glassary.
 His wife was the heiress of Gillascop MacGilchrist of
 Glassary – she was probably called Isabella, as that was the
 name of his widow in 1307. She was able to retain the
 barony of Dundee lands but the pro-English MacDougal’s, in
 1308, held the castle of Glassary for King Edward I. Their
 son John de Dundee was still a minor when his father died
 but later he was to regain Glassary and adopted the
 designation John de Glassary. In the patronymic Gaelic form
 he was Ian McMaster, his father, Ralph, having graduated a
 Master of Arts and sometime Clerk to King Alexander. John’s
 son, Gilbert de Glassary retained a large estate in and
 around Dundee in Angus and Perthshire. Gilbert made over
 most of his estate to his daughter Agnes and her husband
 between 1364 and 1374 in a series of grants. Her husband
 Alexander Scrymgeour, “bannerman to the king” thus gained
 substantial estates in the Dundee area and in Argyll and the
 Scrymgeor family derived their coat of arms from the
 Dalriadic lion of the Glassary family.
 With best wishes for the 2008 Clan gathering.
From:Cheryl Oliver
Date:Fri May 23 06:33:37 2008
Message:  Hillman,Western Australia
 Hi my gran is a Scrimgeour (Betty) she was born 1925.
 She lives in Dundee has all her life. she married William
 Robb from Fife (I think it was ) and had 3 children
 Dorothy (my mum),Janesa and Derrick.
 I would like to find out more on my side as husbands
 family tree has been done and is really good to look back
 Any help would be great as is your site
 WELL DONE !!!!!!!
From:Sandra Schrimsher
Date:Mon Mar 17 23:38:23 2008
Message:  Alabama
 I like your site. I always heard that my dads family were
 from Scotland or England or both.
From:Toby Scrimgeour
Date:Thu Feb 14 12:28:17 2008
Message:  Hi all,
 I live in Perth, Western Australia, son of Gregory David
 Scrimgeour, i was born 28/10/1984 and
 I have to say I enjoy reading up on family history and after
 researching this site I have found at about the many great
 things Scrimgeours have achieved and have an even greater
 sense of pride in carrying on the Scrimgeour name. I also
 plan to visit Scotland and see some of the history first
 hand. ps A great site.
From:Jacqueline Perry
Date:Mon Dec 10 02:47:08 2007
Message:  Virginia, USa
 My Great Grandmother was Effie Scrimger Brown from the
 Northern Neck area of Virginia. She is from the lineage of
 James Scrimger settled in Montross in the 1700's. It is my
 greatest desire to visit Scotland soon and visit my home
Date:Sat Nov 17 17:36:08 2007
Message:  I Live in the Littledean in the Forest of Dean in
 I was born in South Africa, My maternal grandfather John
 Scrimgeour was born in Crief 1875? son of a coal merchant.
 He and a brother Peter,who later went to Canada in 1915 or
 so.Worked in Johannesburg. Originaly he was a soldier with
 the Scotish Horse that went to South Africa 1901
Date:Sat Nov 17 17:34:28 2007
Message:  I Live in the Littledean in the Forest of Deam in
 I was born in South Africa, My maternal grandfather John
 Scrimgeour was born in Crief 1875? son of a coal merchant.
 He and a brother Peter,who later went to Canada in 1915 or
 so.Worked in Johannesburg. Originaly he was a soldier with
 the Scotish Horse that went to South Africa 1901
From:margaret scrimgeour
Date:Sat Oct 27 17:18:06 2007
URL:at hotmail.com
Message:  Dundee Scotland
 Married to Harry Scrimgeour, have two sons Stephen and
 David. Eldest son Stephen lives in the Netherlands and
 David still resides in Dundee.
 Harrys Father was Henry and he had two Brothers John who
 lived in Canada who had a daughter named Donna, other
 Brother was Alexander who had three sons and a Daughter
 their names were Ronald,Derek,Paul and Lorraine. Have lost
 touch with them all.
From:Adam Scrimiger
Date:Thu Oct 4 20:54:49 2007
URL:scrymgeour at charter.net
Message:  Morro Bay Califonia, U.S.
 I'm just looking for family I don't know.
From:paul macpherson
Date:Sat Sep 29 19:41:21 2007
 Looking for family members of John Maxwell Scrimgeour,he
 was born on 12 january 1920 in Dundee Scotland and
 immigrated to Canada in 1946.His wife's name was Sadie and
 his daugther's name was Donna.
From:Bonnie Scrimgeour Bruccoleri
Date:Sat Sep 29 03:29:37 2007
Message:  Dayton, NJ
From:Ellen Scrimger Gordon
Date:Sun Aug 26 14:38:48 2007
Message:  Orlando, Florida, USA
 My father, John Scrimger, passed away August 18, 2007. He
 was the son of James & Mabel Scrimgeour, grandson of John
 & Mahala Scrimgeour. He was born May 8, 1923, in North
 Branch, Michigan, and lived in Wayne, Michigan from his
 marriage in 1950 until his death. I returned home from
 his funeral to discover that my youngest son has a
 genealogy project for high school, which led me to an
 internet search and this clan site. I'm sure I'll be back.
From:Dominic Scrimger
Date:Fri Jun 22 04:43:52 2007
Message:  Alberta Canada
 What a find! This web site is awsome. I'm from thte north
 east of england (just moved to canada) If any one has any
 historic info on scrimgers in that area, please share.
 I'm at a loss.
Date:Wed Jun 20 18:10:06 2007
Message:  hey. i live in keswick,cumbria.
 i am the daughter of Derek scrimgeour who was born in
 killiecrankie, perthshire.
 just to say if any othe scrimgeours want to talk get in
 touch with me . :)
From:Ann Hammond
Date:Tue Jun 12 20:19:16 2007
Message:  Farmington Utah
 My line starts with Agnes Hendry Gloak came to Canada and
 her mother is Jean Scrymgeour married to James Gloak and
 her father is William Scrymgeour.
From:Steven Morris Scrimgeour
Date:Sat Jun 2 11:34:26 2007
URL:deadbugsinmypocket at Yahoo.com.au
Message:  Born Dunedin, New Zealand, now living in Melbourne, Australia.
 Son of Brian Raoul Scrimgeour, son of George Morris Scrimgeour.
 Have a bonnie day all ye Scrimgeours!
From:sue anderson
Date:Fri Jun 1 20:34:43 2007
Message:  Glasgow, Scotland, UK
 My maiden name is Scrymgeour and have recently traced back
 my family tree. My grandfather and his family all came
 from Islay and were fishermen and ferrymen (from Islay to
 Jura) I am very interested to hear from any relations in
 Nova Scotia, Canada and also in Madderty/ Muthill,
 Perthshire, Scotland area.
 Your website is really good and informative. I would like
 to see the Earl of Dundee's family tree. I came across a
 lady in an old family tree that came from the Scrymgeour
 Clan, in an old library in Drum Castle near Aberdeen.
 Also saw a portrait of her and was shocked to see that she
 looked remarkably like me (scary or what!!) Have a great
 clan gathering and hope to go to the next one.
From:Laura Scrimgeour
Date:Fri Jun 1 04:25:59 2007
Message:  Australia WA Bickley
 Hi im a scrimgeour to i was looking here to find
 information about our sheild and what it looks like it
 helped me heaps
From:Cathy Geddes
Date:Thu May 31 06:39:18 2007
Message:  Dunedin, New Zealand.
 I am the grandaughter of Henry Charles William Scrimgeour,
 Rangiora, New Zealand. Just passing on that Grandad passed
 away on May the 10th this year. He will be dearly missed.
Date:Sun May 13 23:09:32 2007
Message:  Muskegon,Michigan
 I am very interested in learning about my family history.My
 father(Michael Troy Sr)attended a family gathering a few
 years back in, i believe it was Lapeer, michigan and gave
 me a paper that had some of the history. I was amazed at
 what i read and i have been curious ever since. I am
 constantly finding and reading new things.
From:Lincoln Scrymgeour
Date:Tue Apr 24 16:48:26 2007
Message:  Perth, Western Australia
 I am very interested in maintaining contact with the
 Scrimgeour Clan and getting acquainted with my family
From:Lorraine Elliott
Date:Tue Feb 27 21:50:17 2007
Message:  Shepperton, Middlesex
 My Great Grandmother was Maggie Scott Scrymgeour from Dundee. I didn't
 realise until today how many Scrimgeour's there are out there!!!
From:Jeff Paquette
Date:Thu Feb 22 22:02:51 2007
Message:  Nashua, New Hampshire - USA
 I'm researching my Mother's heritage. Her Grandmother was
 Catherine Mary Scrymgeour, born in Dalkeith or Dundee,
 Scotland on March 3rd, 1887. Catherine's parents were
 Robert John Henry Scrymgeour (born dec 3rd, 1868, and
 named Viscount of Dunhope in 1941). Robert John Henry's
 wife was Amy Elizabeth Mason from High Kirk, Edinborough
 Robert's parents were from Londenderry, Scotland, and I'm
 told that we trace back to Alexander Scrymgeour, and his
 father Colin Scrymgeour.
 I'd like to know if you are familiar with any of these
 names in my family lineage, and if you might provide me
 more information. I'm wondering if we are distant
 Although my last name is Paquette (for my father), I have
 a strong interest in learning about my mother's family. My
 wife and I are planning a vacation with our son Cameron,
 to Scotland, and it would be great if we could find
 locations that have significance to my family. So I'd like
 to be sure that we are of the same Genealogy.
Date:Tue Jan 23 21:41:37 2007
Message:  Canada
 I have tons of information concering your James Sharp
 Scrimgeour I can trace it back to 1800. Could you provide
 me with more info about the Holman connection. I was
 wondering where the name Holman came from. There is a
 Holman Hunt Scrimgeour born 1874 in Dundee. My dad is 78
 and was born in Dundee and his Grandmother was Agnes
 Scrimgeour. I'm positive that we are lost relatives.
From:Graham Scrimgeour
Date:Thu Jan 11 19:27:18 2007
URL:scrimgeourclan "at" bigfoot.com
Message:  Edinburgh
  To Raymond Scrimgeour.
  Please can you send contact details for me to pass on to
  Jack Scrimgeour in Canada (our genealogy secretary).
From:Raymond Scrimgeour
Date:Sun Dec 31 01:48:49 2006
Message:  Dunsborough, Western Australia
 This is my first entry. I am 76 years of age and Have lived
 all of my life in WA. My father's name was James Sharp
 Scrimgeour and he was born in Dundee, Scotland in January
 around 1896. He moved to Perth, WA in his mid-teens with
 his brother, Norman and his sister, Emily.
 My grandfather's details are unknown to me as my
 grandmother re-married in Scotland and then came to
 Australia with her new husband, ...Schultz. Her maiden name
 was Holman.
 My father James married Minnie Jane MacIntosh in Perth, WA
 and I am their only child.
 Norman married Clarice... and had two children Ronald and
 Eunice. Eunice died as a child and Ron married Verna... and
 they had two adopted children. Ron also died some years
 Emily married Clem Hampton and had no children.
 So I have very few relatives. On a luckier note, I married
 Bernice Sharp and had four children. I now have 12
 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild and another on the
 It would be great to hear from anyone who knows extra
 details of my early family.
From:Nicola Scrimgeour
Date:Fri Sep 22 18:14:53 2006
Message:  I still live in Scotland. I just turned 17 and im really
 interested in my family history. I've never really spoken
 to another Scrimgeour that i dont know. There aren't that
 many of us but when i saw this website there are hundreds
 of us its strange how most of u live in
 America. "Dissipate" i thought i recognised that my gran
 had that up on her wall all the time before she died,
 Catherine Scrimgeour, she had about 9 kids including my
 father Brian Scrimgeour she died when i was about 6 but i
 can still remember her. Everyone calls my dad Scrimy so my
 little brother got landed with the name Scrimy Jnr haha he
 hates it. Know one believes me that Scrimgeour is scottish
 they all think its German for some reason. It would be
 good if u write back about some of the Scrimgeour history.
From:Prue Beck
Date:Thu Jun 22 05:40:58 2006
Message:  I live in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
 I'm currently researching my great grandmother (and
 beyond), Agnes Scrimgeour, born in Blairgowrie, Scotland
 in 1841. She died in Ballarat,Victoria, Australia on
 9.5.1905. She married Thomas Morgan Allan Watson, b.
 14.8.1837 in Dundee. Her parents were William Scrimgeour
 and Agnes Stubbles/Staples. William was apparently an
 engineer. Can anyone help with information on William or
 Agnes(her parents)or the best way to go from here? Thanks
 for a terrific website. Prue
From:Gordon Francis Scrimgeour Brink
Date:Sun Jun 18 18:55:15 2006
Message:  Calgary,Alberta Canada
 First time visiting site, just saying Hi to all you
Date:Sun Jun 18 07:36:04 2006
Message:  I like your site because of the very nice posts you have
From:Robyn Young (nee Scrimgour)
Date:Sun May 14 02:42:06 2006
Message:  Pukerau, Southland, New Zealand
 Thank goodness for technology - brother Eddie put me onto
 this site, I am trying to collate our family tree, father
 Dennis Coyle Scrimgour born 18.12.1911 in Blythe
 Northumberland, came out to New Zealand as a flockhouse boy
 aged 15, his father Denis Coyle Scrimgour killed
 30.12.1915, son of James and Mary Jane Coyle Scrimgour,
 County Durham, husband of Isabella Banks (formally
 Scrimgour), Blyth, Northumberland. Any links, contacts
 emails etc most appreciated. I am building my tree at
 Warm regards to you all and thanks to those that built this
 web site, awesome initiative. :-)
From:Eddie (Edward )Scrimgour
Date:Fri May 12 11:13:39 2006
Message:  Ipswich Queensland Australia but a Kiwi through and
 First time visitor to this site.Wont be the last
 time.Sending site adress to other members of my family.
From:Simon Schrimsher
Date:Fri May 5 15:44:13 2006
Message:  Live in Lake Forest, Orange County, California.
 Been researching schrimsher european history. Enjoyed your
From:Joy Barefoot
Date:Fri May 5 01:07:09 2006
Message:  Bedford, Virginia, USA
 My ancestral name is Schrimsher but hadn't much luck in
 searching for that on your site. Some descendents spell
 their name Scrimiger and all sorts of other ways. Truly
 am searching a link from James Schrimsher of 1819
 Kentucky, USA, to his father who is believed to be a James
 (possibly Early/Earley) Schrimsher. Any leads most
 appreciated. Thanks. Joy
From:Brenda Cooper nee Scrimgeour
Date:Fri Apr 28 22:40:17 2006
 Sydney, Australia
 My mother Joyce Scrimgeour and I were so pleased to
 receive 'the Skirmisher" recently - what interesting
 reading. My father was Robert Scrimgeour as was his
 father who was born in Dundee. He came to Oz with his
 brother David in the late 1800's. Robert married my grand
 mother Lydia Georgina Granville Price (what a name). They
 had 3 children May, Dorothy and Robert (my father). All
 are now deceased. Love to hear from any relatives out
From:Rachel Cooper
Date:Fri Apr 7 15:21:40 2006
Message:  Jersey
 I am due to marry Jersey's one and only Scrimger on 1 July
 2006. He comes from Glasgow. There are a couple of
 Scrimgeour's here too, but only one with my fiancee's
 We managed to track down the tartan and he will be marrying
 in it. There will be quite a few tartans on show on the
 wedding day - McVeigh, Rae and Livingstone to name just a
 few. It promises to be quite a colourful event.
From:jared scrimgeour
Date:Fri Mar 31 18:48:32 2006
Message:  mount isa, queensland, australia.
From:Alexander Scrimgeour
Date:Fri Mar 31 11:54:12 2006
Message:  Glasgow, Scotland
 Great site, very interesting to learn about the family
From:Kyle Scrimgeour
Date:Mon Mar 20 20:43:46 2006
Message:  Oshawa, ON, Canada.
 Just checking up, havn't been to the site in a while.
 Interesting coincidence, I work for Canada Customs and the
 other day a passenger at Lester B. Pearson Airport, in
 Mississauga, came to my counter. A Graham Scrimgeour. I
 was rather busy to get too far into conversation with him
 and his wife, but I found this rather interesting
From:karin yarmish
Date:Thu Mar 16 19:18:48 2006
Message:  Prince George BC
 Please note the the corrected e-mail. I made a mistake on
 my first message!
 I have recently discovered that I have ancestors with
 the "Scrimgeour" name in Scotland. Do you know of a Helen
 Scrimgeour who was probably born around 1786. She married
 Thomas Aitken and I think they were from Falkirk. They
 had a son, Henry Scrimgeour Aitken born around 1806. I
 have just started looking into this line and I would
 appreciate any help you can give. Thank you very much.
 Karin Yarmish
From:karin yarmish
Date:Wed Mar 15 21:50:52 2006
Message:  Prince George BC
 I have just discovered that I have a "Scrimgeour" in my
 family. Helen Scrimgeour married to a Thomas Aitken
 around 1806? Falkirk area of Scotland. They had a son
 Henry Scrimgeour Aitken born around 1806? Does anyone
 know anything about these people??? I would love to hear
 from you. Great website. Thanks.
Date:Mon Mar 13 12:02:17 2006
Message:  Sorry last message duplicated some text.
  Blame the Copy & paste action :)
Date:Mon Mar 13 11:03:35 2006
Message:  Banbury England UK
  My ggg grandmother was Margaret Scrymgeour who married
  Charles Johnston in Canongate Edinburgh 1810. Charles was
  in the 10th North British Militia as was Margaret's
 Born in SCOTLAND - I currently live in ENGLAND
 Does anyone have links to this
 Margaret Scrymgeour b 1770 - 1780 app.
 married 1802 Edinburgh to Charles Johnston from
 They moved to Dunoon & Kilmun Argyll.
 Margaret's father and husband were in 10th North British
 Militia around 1800.
From:megan scrimger
Date:Wed Mar 8 12:55:25 2006
Message:  Arbroath, Scotland
 Does my second name count????cant see the we my family
 spells its anywhere.... Am i a scrimger???
Date:Sun Feb 26 18:41:24 2006
Message:  Currently studying in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
 Does anyone know what our Crest really looks like. Cause on
 houseofnames.com they have one with a lion and on
 familynames.com they hav one that is totally different.
Date:Tue Jan 31 07:30:13 2006
Message:  Just outside of Oslo Norway (no Scrymgeour connection)
 Hi Val...found some info for you but thought I would post
 some here in case anyone else is looking for it or leads
 to more info. The names might be familar to someone else.
 Your Peter Scrymgeour was first married 14 Mar 1836 to
 Margaret Worthington at Saint Peter, Bolton Le Moors,
 Lancashire, England and they had a least 2 children that I
 James chr 24 May 1840 Wigan, Lancashire, England
 (according to 1851 census he was born in Barrow upon Soar
 and Charlotte about 1842 Wigan.
 He also had a Thomas Haslam with 2nd wife Helen who was 8
 mths in 1851 probably died 1856.
From:Valdine Hernes
Date:Wed Jan 25 16:18:24 2006
Message:  Greetings everyone from Stavanger, Norway. I have a
 problem with my family tree and hope someone will be able
 to help me. I am looking for my ggg grandfather - James
 Scrymgeour. I think he was married to an Ann. My gg
 grandfather was Peter Scrymgeour who was married to Helen
 Haslam in St. Helens, Lancashire in Oct. 1849. They had
 nine children including my g grandfather Robert Bisset who
 was born around 1860. Robert Bisset immigrated to Canada
 and died in Wpg., MB, Canada 02 Feb. 1910. On the
 censuses from 1871 and 1881, Peter's birth place was
 Brabourne, Lees, Kent and his occupation was mason.
 However, on his marriage cert., his occupation is listed
 as High Baliff. I think I have placed too much value on
 the fact that my great grandfather's middle name was
 Bisset because I have found a James and Ann Bisset but
 their son, Peter, was born in Scotland. I cannot find a
 James and Ann from Brabourne. Can anyone help me?
 Robert Bisset's siblings are:
 John b. 1852
 Catherine Anne b. 1853
 Donald b. 1857
 Helen b. 1858 m.1894 T.M. Havelack
 Alexander b. 1864
 Margaret Milne b 1865 m. 1897 H. Anderton
 Charles Taylor b. 1869 m. 1897 J. Litherland
 Jessie b. 1871
 Thanks for taking the time reading this and I truly hope
 someone can help me or perhaps has the same problem.
 Best wishes Valdine
From:michael scriminger
Date:Fri Jan 6 00:47:47 2006
Message:  Canton, NY USA
 my wife and I have been researching our genealogy for about
 three years and still have yet to trace my great-
 grandparents: Mathew John and Matilda Canning Schriminger,
 we believe they were born around 1827. We have found so
 many records of their children in the US and their are many
 variations of spellings used. OF their 7 children (all born
 in Antrim County Ireland): Maggie, Thomas, George, Archie,
 Elizabeth, Matthew, and Nellie they spelled thier last name
 in the following ways: Scrimanger, Schriminger,
 Scriminger, and Scrimgeor. We thank you for your site it's
 been helpful as we continue on our search. And we hope to
 one day close the link between Mathew and the other
From:keith scrimgeour
Date:Wed Dec 28 17:29:21 2005
 Sarnia, ontario.canada.
 Just looking for the new tartans,also would like to here
 from the rest of you.
From:paula scrimgeour
Date:Tue Nov 22 22:26:47 2005
Message:  i live in Newcastle, England, in a small seaside village
 called Amble.
 i have really liked read over all this new imformation
 about our history and i very much hope that the rest of you
 scrimies will email me. hope you all like the site as much
 as me, hope also to hear from you all. paula xxx. p.s. if
 any one of you known any web sites which sell any
 scrimgeour objects etc please can you email me back, thanks.
From:Rischel Scrimgeour Granquist
Date:Wed Nov 16 23:40:19 2005
Message:  Seattle Washington USA
 Hello Scrimgeours! I'm the daughter of Lee R. Scrimgeour
 who is son of James Scrimgeour who came to Seattle from
 Scotland. Haven't really started the family tree thing
 yet so that's as much as I know. My husband is interested
 in whether or not the Scrimgeours support a specific
 football team in Scotland.
Date:Fri Nov 11 00:51:26 2005
URL:jpallister at stps.on.ca
Message:  St Thomas, ON, CA
 I am trying to trace my Scrimgeour roots. My mother is
 Patricia her father is Roy Lionel whose father was Reginal
 and they were from the Stratford, ON area. Just wondering
 if anyone can help with the next step.
 PS. Great site
From:Sandra Scrimgeour
Date:Fri Nov 4 22:46:09 2005
Message:  Born and Bred Methven,Perthshire, Moved a whopping 6
 miles into the Fair City of Perth.
From:James Scrimgeour
Date:Tue Sep 6 09:31:27 2005
Message:  Albany, Western Australia
 I am 11 years old and have a class project on the history
 of "Scrimgeours". I am very pleased to have my own web-
 site. My mum went to Scotland in 1985 and bought a book
 about Scrimgeours and some tartan. My pop (Raymond James
 Scrimgeour)has the book. We will see him in the holidays
 and I will get to read all about us.
Date:Thu Aug 25 04:14:47 2005
Message:  New Zealand but currently in CHile on exchange..
 Just wanted to sign the book haha.. Quite interested to
 find out more of the geneology etc. Also found out a few
 weeks back that theres a Scrimgeour in the new HArry
 Potter book.. Anyway espero que todos estan bien!!
From:Lisa Scrimmager
Date:Wed Jul 20 08:53:42 2005
Message:  sydney australia
 just noticed some relatives down the page. Hi Rose
 and hi john i am Andy (andrew scrimmager's eldest daughter)
From:Lisa Scrimmager
Date:Wed Jul 20 08:49:13 2005
Message:  Sydney, Australia
 Hi i live in sydney australia, and as far as i know there
 are only 6 Scrimmagers (with that spelling) here. I am
 interested to know if anyone knows of any others with this
Date:Sun Jul 17 15:27:04 2005
Message:  I found this site by accident, but I'm glad I did. I have been using the Internet for several years and so many sites are confusing, but not yours. Thanks for the chance to sign your guestbook. It's nice to see how many people stopped by and posted a message. http://air.searcheng.com/discount-airfare-australia.html
Date:Sat Jul 16 03:38:01 2005
Message:  Nice little site you got here. I would Imagine that the
 release of the Half-blood prince will make your hit counter
From:Steven Gunn-Scrimgeour
Date:Wed Jun 29 09:54:34 2005
Message:  Hi there again, upon further browsing of the site i found
 the following obituary in the 1999 clan book:
 "I have also received the obituary of Mary Scrimgeour, nee
 Laurie, who was born in Frinton in 1924 and grew up on a
 farm in Bures. She met her husband Colin in South Africa
 and they returned to England in 1959. He died in December
 in Hadleigh, Suffolk.3"
 Colin was my Granfather, who was origionally married to my
 grandmother Mary Scott (now residing in Perth.) He later
 married Mary Luarie, who became my step-grandmother. Their
 lives, and the lives of my family are well documented in a
 book Mary wrote before her death entitled 'Single to
 Durban.' Anyone who is interested can contact me for copy
From:Steven Gunn-Scrimgeour
Date:Wed Jun 29 09:34:15 2005
Message:  Currently staying in Johannesburg, South Africa.
From:Sue Schrimsher Vance
Date:Wed May 18 18:38:12 2005
URL:bubbavanceat aol.co,
Message:  Spring, TX, USA
 Am visiting UK/Scotland in July and I'm interested in
 visiting locations related to Scrimgeours.
From:Robert Scrimgeour
Date:Wed Mar 30 22:51:11 2005
Message:  Edinburgh, Scotland
 Nice Website. The most unique name in Scottish History. "The
 Standard Bearers for Scotland".
From:Lee Scyrmgeour
Date:Thu Feb 17 23:57:49 2005
URL:(nameabove)at yahoo.co.uk
Message:  scarborough, north yorkshire
 Nice site, very useful
From:Laura Scrimgeour
Date:Thu Jan 13 18:38:22 2005
Message:  Boulder, CO, USA
 This webpage is awesome! Thank you so much for all of the
 cool information!!!!
Date:Thu Jan 13 15:07:13 2005
Message:  Dundee,Scotland
 Guests and members might be interested in my website of
 Scottish landscapes
 FREE wallpapers on site
From:Andrew Schrimscher
Date:Tue Jan 11 02:48:25 2005
Message:  Birmingham, Alabama
 This is a very nice site. It provides a lot of insight into geneology, which
 is very helpful as I trace my family's root.
From:Debra Scrimgeour-Malley
Date:Mon Jan 10 23:28:44 2005
Message:  London
 I am searching for relatives of my late father James
 Scrimgeour Malley born 1955 in Leicester. Son of James
 Scrimgeour Malley,Grandson of Magaret Scott-Scrimgeour of
 Dundee. I am trying to put together a family tree.
From:Kimberley Scrimgeour
Date:Thu Dec 23 22:33:58 2004
Message:  I live in Bayfield Ontario, Canada
 This is a great site I am glad I found it. Learned alot
 that I never new before.
From:Hazel Scrimgeour
Date:Wed Nov 17 20:54:53 2004
Message:  Paarl,Cape Town South Africa
 I waslooking for a scrimgeour clan And I found one.I found
 a caryn Scrimgeour who also lives in South Africa Cape Town
 and we thought we were the only ones How Cool is That.
 Thanx 4 the web site Hazel ,Ian ,John ,lizabeth and Jean
From:Liz Lawton
Date:Tue Nov 9 16:32:36 2004
URL:liz.lawton at ntlworld.com
Message:  Leicester, England
 I have some information about A Mr Edwin Scrimgeaour a
 prohibitionist who defeated Winton Churchil at Dundee in
 1922 from a newspaper cuttting. My 2nd Gt Grandfather was a
 John Scrimgeour. His Daughter Catherine Scrimgeour Married
 Frederick Lewis (my gt Grand parents) in Dundee in 1878.
 The sam family had a grocers shop on the high street arount
 1900 in Dundee and there is a photograph on the
 dundeecity.gov website
From:Tricia Barnett
Date:Fri Sep 24 22:38:09 2004
Message:  Banbury England UK
 My ggg grandmother was Margaret Scrymgeour who married
 Charles Johnston in Canongate Edinburgh 1810. Charles was
 in the 10th North British Militia as was Margaret's
 Does anyone have links to this Margaret or indeed to a
 Janet Scrimgeour married to William Johnston who had a son
 Charles who died in 1857 Dunoon and Kilmun Scotland.
 Any help appreciated.
From:Nardia Scrimgeour
Date:Wed Sep 15 01:43:54 2004
Message:  Taupo, New Zealand
 Looking for James Frances Scrimgeour 1st family tree and
 also for other family members in New Zealand
From:Nardia Scrimgeour
Date:Wed Sep 15 02:50:13 2004
Message:  New Zealand
From:Paul Fawcett
Date:Sun Aug 29 16:07:49 2004
Message:  Cambridgeshire, England
 I am trying to trace Alastair D K Scrimgeour who was born
 in London in 1958 with a sister Clair born in 1960 and
 whose mother was Anne Fawcett. Please email if you can
From:Ann Helen Andersson Lindroos
Date:Wed Aug 25 07:23:06 2004
Message:  I live at Wamsta Farm, region of Jaemtland, Sweden.
 I cannot call myself a Scrymgeour, but I have ancestors
 from the following clans in the 17th Century: Scrymgeour,
 Wedderburn, Erskine, Duncan. Does anyone have information
 about Helena Scrymgeour of Diddop? She was married to
 Robert Clerck and had a son, Andreas Clerck, born in about
 1570. Thankful for any information! Best greetings fron a
 sunny and warm Jaemtland to all Scrymgeours - even if we
 are related in a very distant way!
From:Jordan Scrimsher
Date:Mon Aug 23 22:27:54 2004
Message:  I live in Tennessee in the U.S.
 I have recently learned that of one of my ancestors, a Sir
 Arthur Skremgeour. However, I haven't been able to find
 anything out about him other than that he had two sons
 whose names were John and Hezekiah Skremgeour. If anyone
 has any information please let me know. Thank you very
From:atholl scrimgeour
Date:Tue Aug 17 00:14:34 2004
Message:  brampton ontario canada
From:caryn scrimgeour
Date:Sat Aug 14 09:47:00 2004
Message:  Cape Town, South Africa
 I will be visiting Scotland for the first time in September
 and can't wait to be in a place where my surname will
 actually be pronounceable to at least some people! Any tips
 on what to look out for and where I could find relevant
 objects of interest would be much appreciated.
From:Bill Scrimgeour
Date:Sat Jul 24 03:33:01 2004
 For those Scrimgeour's not aware, and researching their
 anscestors, an interesting array of names is now appearing
 in www.genesreunited.co.uk. Registration is free - simply
 your email address and password. If you wish to link
 family trees or review other names there is a small annual
 on-line charge of GBP 7.50 Genesreunited is connected to
 Friendsreunited and threatens to take off in much the same
 way. The more the Scrimgeours make use of the facility the
 better it will be.
 Any other interesting sites anyone else knows about?
 Happy hunting!
From:leslie mcguire/scrimger
Date:Fri Jul 2 19:18:38 2004
Message:  Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
 maternal grandmother was Pansey Scrimger, Clare Co.,
From:Brenda Cooper
Date:Thu Apr 15 13:06:38 2004
Message:  Sydney, Australia
 Scrimgeour was my maiden name. My father was Robert
 Scrimgeour, he died in Sydney in 1986 aged 85. His father
 also Robert came from Dundee with his brother David from
 Scotland as young boys on the tall sailing ships and
 settled in Sydney. Robert Snr married Lydia and they had 3
 children. I have an old photo album that was given to me
 by my father containing lots of photos taken in Dundee but
 unfortunately there are no names attached to any of the
 people. My father visited Dundee during the War and met up
 with a cousin of his who was blind. Does anyone know of
 him? What a great website. There has been so much work
 put into it.
From:Peter Robert Wedderburn Nicol
Date:Sat Apr 3 14:23:38 2004
Message:  Queensland, Australia.
 With Wedderburn and Scrymgeour ancestors, I have a double
 interest. Margaret Wedderburn married "George Nicol of
 Arthurstone and Camno" in the late 1700's and James Nicol
 married Barbara Scrimgeour at Inchture in 1676. Peter James
 Nicol (a son of George & Margaret) came to Moreton Bay
 (Brisbane) to be druggist and admin. of the Military
 Hospital in 1840. Late he and his brother (Henry) fornded a
 sheep run of 25,000 acres and called it "Ballindean" after
 the Wedderburn estate at Inchture. I have been trying to
 attend the AGM for about ten years, but something always
 seems to pop up and prevent it. But I shall suprise one and
 all one year, as it will happen!
 Regards to all. Peter R W Nicol
From:William (Bill) H. Scrymgeour
Date:Sun Mar 28 02:38:52 2004
URL:whs"at" Allstream.net.
Message:  I am 74 yrs old still self employed. But never knew too
 much about my father - William Anderson Scrymgeour. He
 and his brother James came from Scotland early 1900"s to
 join Royal Canadian Navy. Maybe some old navy vets know
 of this Scotty Cook/chef. Would be pleased to correspond
 with any Scrymgeour/Scrimgers, etc. etc.
Date:Thu Mar 18 15:59:18 2004
Message:  Scottish but living in England
 Searching for anyone with info on Marriages of Scrimgeour
 to Johnston late 1700s. Areas Argyll Greenock and
 Edinburgh Scotland
From:Alex Scrimgeour
Date:Mon Mar 8 14:33:51 2004
Message:  Perth Scotland h i came across this ste when i
 typed "scrimgeor" into the google search engine im 21 from
 scotland and id love to hear from any pther scimgeours out
 ther so dont hesitate to get in touch
From:Valdine Hernes
Date:Sat Mar 6 18:10:54 2004
Message:  Stavanger, Norway
 Greetings from the only clan member in Norway. Exciting
 to read messages from so many other clan members. I was
 born in Wpg., Canada and met a Norwegian pilot doing his
 training at Gimli, MB. So, here I am, in Norway. Have
 always been proud of being a Scrymgeour.
From:james scrimgeour
Date:Wed Feb 11 22:24:15 2004
Message:  14st thomas court,the butts,coventry,cv1 3gh,united
 kingdom. this is my first time on this site,my relatives
 come from dundee it would be great if someone new any of
 them,donald is my dad his brothers are john,alec,angus,they
 lived on albert st above the albert pub,hope to hear from
 someone in the near future jimmy
From:Mark Scrimgeour
Date:Wed Feb 11 00:43:25 2004
Message:  London Ontario Canada
 Hi there fellow Scrimgeours glad to sign the guest book.
From:Amanda Ashley Scrimgeour
Date:Mon Feb 9 19:14:39 2004
Message:  Maugerville, New Brunswick, Canada
 Hey, this is a sweet site, very interesting to see that
 there are so many Scrimgeour's (spelt in many different
 ways) I was catching for my team at a softball tournament I
 was competing in and the announcer said "Up to bad now,
 Jennifer Scrymgeour from Ontario" it totally shocked me 4
 years ago, I had no idea - since then we have run into each
 other at 3 seperate tournaments across Canada. Great site -
 very interesting!
From:Cherylle Thurling
Date:Wed Jan 28 06:05:23 2004
URL:me at hotmail
Message:  Queensland Australia.
 I am the Great by 2 granddaughter of Alexander (b.1822/3)
 Scrimgeour and Henrietta Ann Sophia Dow (b.1825) Morrison
 (their parents being John Scrimgeour and Janet McGregor
 and William Morrison and Christian Ried) Henrietta and
 Alexander were married in Monzie Scotland, and left for
 Australia with two children Janet and William (2 others
 died in Scotland)in the 1850's.
 Any connection to siblings woould be gratly appreciated.
 An excellent sight, come across by accident. Keep up the
 good work.
From:Marina Keeping
Date:Sat Jan 3 16:04:43 2004
Message:  Currently I live in Nova Scotia. Originally I'm from
 Prince Edward Island.
 My great-aunt, Georgie Scrimgeour is the wife of Stuart
 Scrimgeour. Uncle Stuart died in May, 1961 while living in
 Charlottetown, PEI Canada. I would be interested in making
 a connection to his family to share with my aunt who will
 be 100 years old in March 2004. Any help would be much
From:d scrimgeour
Date:Wed Dec 31 17:20:42 2003
Message:  highland perthshire
 i am the granddaughter of Donald (Donny) and the late
 Elizabeth (Letty) Scrimgeour. My Grandmother and
 grandfather between them had seven children contributing to
 a grand total of 19 grandchildren. So we are still trying
 to maintain the quantity of our name in these parts!!!!!
 i'd just like to say that its really quite amazing how many
 scrimgeours there are all over the world, i didnt realise
 just how wide spread we are!!!
From:Catherine Geddes
Date:Sun Dec 7 09:37:49 2003
Message:  Dunedin, New Zealand.
 I'm the Granddaughter of Harry and Claire Scrimgeour and
 the Sister of Scott Scrimgeour. (Posted a message here too)
 Had to smile when I read his message, as it is nice to know
 that he is still around. (No news is good news with him
From:Brent Scrimgeour
Date:Sat Nov 15 18:45:09 2003
Message:  Blyth,Ontario CANADA
 I am the son of Don Scrimgeour and grandson of Everett
 Scrimgeour. Everett is the son of Lorne and Emma Scrimgeour.
 Don has been in the grocery business for 30 years and I am
 hoping to keep it in the family for another 30.
 Anyone who has a chance to visit us be sure to drop in.
From:MCPO Gordon W. Farrell USN (Ret.)
Date:Fri Nov 14 15:41:54 2003
Message:  Gretna, Virginia, USA
 I am the Grandson of Collin Wallace Scrymgeour. He lived
 in up-state New York and also spent time on a farm in
 Ontario, Canada. I am not sure where he was born. His
 Daughter was Doris Arla Scrymgeour (farrell) My Mum. I know
 very little about my Grandfather or his immediate family.
 If anyone can shed some light on this mystery, please get
 in touch. I can also be reached at
 work; "farrellg@hargrave.edu" Ya'll have a fined day.
From:dominic sccrimger
Date:Fri Nov 14 11:32:14 2003
Message:  washington england. nice site just what i was looking for
From:Rebecca Jean Scrymgeour
Date:Thu Oct 23 23:04:23 2003
Message:  I live in Washington State.
 I have been doing genealogy for a while but am stuck on
 how to find out when my ancestors immigrated from Scotland
 to America. My grandfather is Colin Wallace Scrymgeour
 born in upstate New York or Canada in 1893. His father is
 William A. (Albert??) Scrymgeour, the 1880 New York census
 records indicate he was from Canada or Scotland (don't
 know which for sure - that's where I get stuck.) I have
 not had any luck so far getting any other records. Can
 anyone help me?
From:Arlene Lyon Scrimgeour
Date:Sun Oct 19 20:41:11 2003
URL:Katz 306408097@aol.com
Message:  Irvine,Ayrshire,Scotland
 Would like to find out more of my families history this is
 my maiden name and having an unusual name would like to
 find out more about it. thank you to whomever reads this
From:ian scrimgeour
Date:Sat Oct 18 16:31:41 2003
Message:  Dundee, Scotland
 hi to all, looking for any information on ann kreuzberger
 neescrimgeour who married john j kreuzberger and moved to
 louisanna in the late 60's early 7o's
From:Gavin scrimgeour
Date:Tue Oct 7 03:36:45 2003
Message:  Edmonton Alberta Canada.
 Hi to all Scrimgeours out there.
From:Hayden Young
Date:Sat Sep 13 05:30:15 2003
Message:  Dunedin New Zealand
 Just waisting time online and amazed to find so much about
 my ancestry (mothers side) I am the Grandson of Dennis and
 Annie Scrimgore, they moved to NZ from England.
From:brian scrimgeour
Date:Wed Sep 10 00:45:22 2003
Message:  cottingham,east riding of yorkshire
From:James Scrimgeour
Date:Tue Sep 2 00:19:48 2003
Message:  Blackpool England
 Searching on google under scrimgeour and found this web
 site. Interesting web site. Will keep browsing!
From:robert scrimgeour
Date:Mon Sep 1 06:44:13 2003
Message:  scackleton,n.yorks,england.currently
 queenstown ,n.z.
  hi there, was just checking this site. i am travelling
 around n.z and meeting a few scrimgeours. this site is
 cool, was looking at the photo gallery saw picture of me in
From:John Scrimmager
Date:Sat Aug 16 04:38:48 2003
Message:  New Zealand. My parents names were Andrew Scrimmager and
 Mary Ellen Scrimmager(Ne Dulop) they moved to NZ from
 Ireland in 1911 but both thier familys were originaly from
From:Lynda Buxton
Date:Mon Aug 4 22:04:26 2003
Message:  New Zealand
 My cousin pointed me towards this website. Her father and
 my grandmother are Scrimmagers/Scrimgeours. Great site!
From:Eddie A. Glaster III
Date:Fri Jun 20 19:44:57 2003
Message:  American living in Germany.
 I came across your site while searching for geneology
 information. I would like to learn more about the
 connection between the Scrimgeour Clan and Glaster. The
 site is really fanatastic.
From:Kathie Scrimgeour
Date:Wed Jun 11 18:26:55 2003
Message:  For anyone who is interested in a listserve for the
 Scrimgeour Clan, I have set one up and you can visit it
 This is a listserve that people can post messages that
 will go out to all members who have signed on. I hope
 everyone can sign on, the more the merrier! This will
 give those doing genealogy, or planning parties, to
 contact everyone live!
 If you have questions please contact me at
From:Emory Ediger
Date:Fri May 2 22:37:14 2003
Message:  I am looking for one or all of three brothers who lived
 as teenagers in the Salem, Oregon area. The three
 brothers' names are Andrew, Paul and Phillip. I would like
 very much to contact them since they were by boyhood
  Thank you
From:Scott Scrimgeour
Date:Fri May 2 13:42:39 2003
Message:  Born in Christchuch New Zealand (grandson of Harry
 Scrimgeour). Currently living in London - doing the
 traditional OE.
 Interesting website - great for someone who's keen to learn.
From:Ian Scrimgeour
Date:Thu Apr 17 20:38:02 2003
Message:  I have recently moved from Florida back to Sarnia, I hope
 everyone is doing well. Enjoyed the pics
From:Lisa Scrimmager
Date:Sun Mar 2 22:04:36 2003
Message:  Sydney, Australia
 Sorry, last message did not work. I am interested
From:Rosemary Scrimmager
Date:Sun Mar 2 09:42:02 2003
Message:  New Zealand
 This is a great place!, MY father over the years has
 mentioned things about our ancestory, he is very proud of
 the family name, sadly now I am ready to listen (older and
 wiser)he has had a stroke and cant talk.
 I am pleased to pass this on to my own children.Its
 exciting, like coming home learning all this...
From:Nina Danielsson
Date:Tue Feb 11 17:15:30 2003
Message:  I live in sweden, stockholm.
 Helena Scrimgeour is a relative to me, she lived in the
 beginning of 1500 century.
From:David John Scrimgeour
Date:Wed Feb 5 12:54:52 2003
Message:  I live in Fenham, 1 mile outside Newcastle upon Tyne
 A very interesting website! I was amazed to see the badge
 which is (obviously) exactly the same as the one on my
 heraldry plaque. I didn't realise there were quite so many
 of us about!
From:Michael Skrimager
Date:Wed Jan 22 19:57:57 2003
Message:  Collinsville, Oklahoma
 I have been researching my geneology for some time and
 would like to thank you for your site. It has helped me
From:Graham Pollock
Date:Fri Jan 17 20:13:02 2003
Message:  Folsom, CA
 I came across your sight whilst trying to find out more
 about Kilneuair Church. I'm an ex-pat Scot who used to vist
 the area frequently whilst cycling and I've always wondered
 about the history of the ruin.
 Has the Kilneuair Church Project got any further ? - I
 would love to see some work done to protect the sight.
From:Graham Scrimgeour
Date:Mon Jan 6 22:53:39 2003
Message:  New guestbook - now operational!
 I look forward to hearing from you all.